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I’m David Pasquinelli, a janitor who used to be a programmer and who also writes stories. This is one of the places I put my stories. Other places are my tumblr, my Patreon, and, for very, very short fiction, my Mastodon.

Short Stories

Not Like a Caravaggio Painting The Whole Point of the Cult The Dangers of Sugar Breakfast with Grandma The Thousand Year Echo Workplace Anxiety Punk Spirit My Shoes Garbage Disposal The Majors Poorly Done The Nehalem Pyramid Miss Crachen’s Camera A Brief Interview with a Homeless Man My Arm A Perfectly Lovely Ride A Spider in her Web Pet Utopia Novice Wizard Chafing My Dad Says Goodbye Totality Spelunking in Bed Equanimity Superhero Origin Story The 25 Bus Blackness Or My Reflection, However You Want to See It The Good Samaritan On the Surface of the Sky A Spell Smiles and Nods Run or Don't The Breaking Wheel Wish List Positive Reinforcement

Long Pieces