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A Spell

All you have to do is lay out his clothes on a bed, a button up shirt, a pair of trousers with underwear inside them and socks slipped into their cuffs. Lay them out, then take them off, carefully, like you’re undressing a person. Unbutton the shirt, then pull first one sleeve over the hand and slip the arm out, then do the other. Unbutton the pants, and unzip them. Pull the cuffs of the socks over the heels, then pull by the toe, slipping them off the feet. Grip the waistband of the trousers and pull them down over the hips to the knees, then tug alternately at the left and right leg until they’re off. Last, pull off the underwear.

He wasn’t there until you undressed him, but at this final stroke, by magic, he’s there, back on your bed again like he’d never left. Don’t get excited though. Nothing important can be done by magic, and this spell has only brought back his body, cold like mud and as dead as a memory. But he will be there, which—maybe—is better than nothing.

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