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Positive Reinforcement

Logan’s baby sister, Emma, died when he was five years old. It was sudden and shocking, not only for the family, but for everyone in their small town. Even strangers came to give their condolences, offering to help the family in any way they could.

One night, as she put him to bed, Logan and his mom were talking about Kindergarten, which Logan would be starting that Fall. His mom was happy to talk about anything that wasn’t Emma for a change. But then Logan asked, forgetting for a moment that she was dead, when Emma would start Kindergarten. Logan’s mom took him in her arms, held him close, and sobbed for a long time.

This happened over and over, Logan “forgetting” his sister had died, but he only really forgot the one time. The other times were just because it felt good to make his mother cry while she held him close.

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